Protecting company smart phones from cyber attack

Here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Preston’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about keeping work devices and company smart phones safe from cyber criminals and attack.

Top 3 tips for protecting company smart phones from cyber attack

As security experts, our top 5 tips for keeping your company smart phones safe include:

  • Loss protection
  • Keeping the device and apps up to date
  • Educating employees

Loss protection for company smart phones

Losing a tablet or smart phone is a more common occurrence than you might think. And if the smart phone does end up with someone it shouldn’t, it really pays for the device to be fully protected. This should include:

  • Fingerprint or facial recognition- if these settings are enabled then the mobile device, and it’s data will not be able to be accessed by anyone who finds it. This helps keep company data safe and restrict loss of personal and financial information.
  • Phone tracking- should a company device be lost or stolen it can be incredibly beneficial to be able to track and find this as soon as possible. Phone tracking apps can help with this, and should be set up for such eventualities.
  • Set up remote wipe- remote wipe allows you to wipe your phone and remove all data even when you no longer have this in person.

Updating company smart phones for maximum protection

Company smart phones and devices like tablets should be kept up to date. This includes updating the operating system as well as any apps. If professional apps are used for work purposes, including spreadsheets and data-bases as well as text documents, these will need to be updated at every opportunity. This is because most updates also include security patches that resolve any know security issues.

Protecting company smart phones by educating employees

Finally, you should make sure to train your employees to understand the basics of cyber security. This should include:

  • Password security training- smart phone password security is vital. The passwords need to be complex and all apps or files should be password protected if they are used for work purposes and contain access to work files and data. Passwords should also not be stored on the device.
  • Not connecting to unsecure networks- ensuring that your staff and colleagues are sure to never connect work devices to unknown hotspots or public WiFi is a good way to prevent cyber crime. These WiFi connections are often unsafe, with other people able to access:
    • what you’re working on whilst connected
    • your private login details that many apps and web services maintain whilst you’re logged on

For more information or advice about your network security, why not get in touch with the experts today, here at Creative Network Solutions.