Here at CNS we’re passionate about delivering a custom IT solution for your business and there’s a range of options available to you when you decide to use our services. We know some companies might overwhelm you with industry terms that go in one ear and out the other, but we want a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship and that works best when we’re all on the same page.

That’s why, when we use acronyms such as IaaS, we explain what we mean! Find out a bit more about this handy solution and how we could help transform your business using it.

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. This is a form of cloud computing that provides the client with essential virtual resources over the internet.

The private or public cloud providers (in this case us) hosts all of this infrastructure on behalf of the users; which includes software, hardware, servers, and more. With the option of simply paying for what you use, rather than investing in costly in-house hardware and software, this is naturally an attractive prospect for a wide range of businesses. It’s also extremely versatile and scalableFor example, if you need extra servers at a particularly busy time of year you could start using the cloud – rather than having to buy new equipment yourself- then revert to your original situation afterwards if desired.

As your public cloud providers, we’ll take care of the maintenance, backup, security and anything else related to your IaaS cloud computing solution.

We’ll ensure that everything is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis and if any issues arise we’ll quickly resolve them with the minimum hassle and inconvenience to you. In case of disaster, using an IaaS cloud service is also an invaluable method of backing up, and safeguarding your data so it’s not all in one place.

A public cloud differs from a private cloud due to the fact that the environment we offer will be shared with various other clients.

For certain clients that don’t have to adhere to such stringent security and compliance measures, a public cloud is a convenient solution that has a host of benefits including flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Regardless, we still ensure that you’re protected with great security measures to give you peace of mind when moving your data to our virtual cloud servers.  

If you’re looking for public cloud providers then CNS is the smart choice.

We strive to make things as uncomplicated as possible for our clients, even when the technology itself may be complex and innovative. If your current provider isn’t doing enough to help revolutionise your business, then it might be time to switch to one who is dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Our team is passionate about all things IT related and we’re sure you’ll be impressed when you see what we can do. Whether you want to call, email,or meet us in person, contact us to get started!


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