Protecting corporate IoT devices

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Here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Preston’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about IoT devices and the risks these could pose to your company or business.

What are IoT devices? 

IoT stands for Internet of Things and this refers to the appliances and electrical equipment beyond those of computing and network equipment that are connected to the Internet. This can include security items like CCTV systems and IFRD keycards, SMART installations and industrial equipment. These have become an important part of workplaces across industry areas from factories to offices, but they can leave gateways for hackers to access your network.

How can IoT devices leave your company vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Installing IoT devices in the workplace can increase convenience and improve the working environment in a variety of different ways but these devices can also leave your company vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is because some devices may have specific, exploitable weaknesses or be out of date. Cyber criminals can use this to access your network, seize control of your IoT devices through the Web interface, or even force fake firmware updates that can allow malware to enter the network.

What are the important steps for protecting corporate IoT devices?

To make sure that your network is safe from exploitation through IoT devices there are a number of steps you should take. These include:

  • Identifying IoT devices on the network- making a list or index of all the connected IoT devices that make up your network is an important place to start with protecting your network. This can prevent unknown IoT devices from being connected to the network and it can also allow any security to be recorded so that devices can be updated and patched accordingly. By indexing all IoT devices you can also make sure that the credentials or admin settings are correct and registered, which will provide an instant alert if any of these are changed, as long as the devices are regularly checked.
  • Using network segmentation- segmenting the network allows different network portions to be kept apart using security settings. This can help limit damage should one part of the network be compromised. When connecting IoT devices to the network these can be connected to a smaller segment, protecting vital parts of the network from unauthorised access and attack.
  • Implement updates and patches regularly- by keeping IoT devices updated and patched these can be more secure and any security issues can be resolved quickly instead of being open to attacks.
  • Password security- password security is another important factor for securing the IoT devices and the company or business network in general. Using strong passwords that are completely unique can help to prevent one password leak from providing access to all parts of the network and to other accounts.

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