Dangerous cyber security myths that leave your company vulnerable

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Here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Preston’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the dangerous cyber security myths that could cause damage to your company.

What are the most dangerous cyber security myths?

There are a number of outdated and outright dangerous cyber security myths that are still abundant throughout SMBs, and these can be incredibly dangerous for your company or business. These myths include:

  • SMBs are too small to target
  • Small incidents can be ignored
  • Ransomware demands should be paid immediately

Myth 1: SMBs are too small to target

One of the most common myths in the SMB community is that small businesses are simply too small to target. This simply isn’t true. In fact, throughout 2020, small businesses were subject to more attacks per employee than larger businesses. This puts the “too small to care” myth well and truly to bed. In reality, many cyber criminals know that SMBs often under-fund the cyber security systems in place, and lack understanding, which means that smaller companies often make for easy pickings. The rise in remote working and remote software has also played a role in the rise of cyber crime attacks targeting smaller businesses.

Myth 2: Small cyber security incidents can be ignored

Another of the common myths is that if your company experiences a small cyber crime incident then this can be ignored. In actuality, ignoring any form of cyber security breach can leave your company exposed to further risks. This is because many incidents that appear to be small initially, including password breaches and DDoS attacks, can actually be gateways for malicious entry. And this can create a backdoor for hackers and criminals to gain further access, leading to more complex and destructive attacks, as well as ransomware.

Myth 3: Ransomware demands should be paid immediately

Ransomware is a rising threat for businesses of all sizes including small and medium sized businesses. Unfortunately, many business owners take the view that simply paying the ransom demands, as soon as possible, is the best course of action. This has been part of the reason for the increase in ransomware attacks, as the cyber criminals get what they want. But this has also caused a new phenomenon of double ransom attacks, where businesses are hit twice. Not taking steps to secure your system or recover your data leaves your company open for a second bigger attack. Paying ransomware demands also means that you are funding organized crime.

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