Get rid of your old phone system quickly and easily

CNS can help you save a lot of money by migrating your business off your old phone system.

There’s no more phone line rentals (PSTN and/or ISDN) and the cost of calls is significantly less or in most cases free of charge.

You can also choose to not use a physical handset at all and just use a soft-phone off your computer. That’s means you can use your office phone number wherever you are. Just get online and your soft-phone will do the rest.

Adding in call manager solutions, voicemail, hunt-groups can be done as you please. Adding and changing staff members is also easy.

“What if my internet goes down?”

Your landlines can be diverted to mobile until your internet service is operational again. However with many businesses opting for redundant internet connections, your phone service will just fail over along with your other business services.

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