We can provide a variety of effective IT strategies for companies and businesses across Lancaster. And here at CNS, we pride ourselves on tailoring these strategies to provide the perfect solution for your individual requirements.

We can offer high quality solutions to optimize your IT systems, or to design and implement entirely new ones, here at CNS. In fact, whatever your requirements are, our team have the skills and expertise to meet any and all of your requirements.

There are a wide range of services and IT solutions we offer to businesses across Lancaster here at CNS.  From accounting systems to security analysis, cloud services to Internet Strategic Planning, these services are diverse and wide ranging in preparation for any need or requirement you might have. Throughout the process we will work collaboratively with you, to tailor the services we provide to the specific requirements of your business. As a result, you can be sure of the IT services you need, without paying out for the ones you don’t. In fact, it is this level of customer services that has led us to our excellent customer service record.

reliable computer support

Reliable IT support Lancaster

We provide high quality, professional IT support across Lancaster. So whatever you need, get in touch today.

cloud computing

Save money on infrastructure

Here at CNS we can help your business save money on expensive IT infrastructure through a range of solutions, including our high quality range of cloud services, that can cut costs significantly.

it security

Secure your IT systems

To keep your business secure, work with us here at CNS. From corporate level cloud security to PROACTIVE Network Monitoring solutions, we are the team you can rely on.

Eliminate the need to upgrade or replace

IT software and hardware often needs updating or even completing replacing after just a few years. This can be a very expensive part of running any business. But it doesn’t have to be. With our Technology as a Service, or ‘TaaS’ solution, you can get all the tech you need for one fixed monthly fee, here at CNS.

IT solutions just for you

Customer service is something we pride ourselves on here at CNS and that’s why we offer IT solutions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of your businesses, including enterprise level solutions too.

Why choose us at CNS?

Let us solve your problems

Here at CNS, we can help increase workplace productivity with IT solutions that really work. From VoIP services to cloud collaboration, we can help you improve efficiency in the workplace.

Access to emerging technologies

We can help your company access emerging technologies to solve a range of complex issues, including productivity and efficiency. This can include software to help automate processes including data entry and transactional work.

Keep up with streamlined, automated processes

Streamlining processes that often take a number of hours is a great way to improve workplace efficiency. This can include integrating software like Word and Excel to reduce the amount of duplicate data, or errors.

Monthly reports, stock takes and time sheets are a time consuming process, but with our services at CNS, these can be automated and collated for you. This helps save time and increase efficiency.

In addition, things like profit and loss statements, invoices, and bills, can all be collated and ready for you to view to help you make practical and positive decisions about your business.

What our Clients Think

“We’re really pleased with the services we receive from Creative Network Solutions. They always respond to our queries instantly, and their simple, clear, and hands-on support really makes their service first class – both in software and hardware.”

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What our Clients Think

“We moved over to Creative Network solutions in 2019 after being with our current provider for over 20 years!!!

 The move has been straightforward and stress free the service from the team has been excellent both during the move over and during the day to day operations of our business. They always deal with any queries or IT issues promptly and professionally as well as in a friendly manner.

 We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend” –  LR Finance Wigan

What our Clients Think

‘So far we have been delighted with Creative Networks in supporting our journey through the technology maze that we have been faced with. They have ironed out a lot of problems and set us up with a server. We know that we have more problems to solve but feel confident that we will get the help and support we need.’

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