Preparing your company for ransomware attacks

As Preston’s leading IT support and network services experts, here at Creative Network Solutions, we provide a range of top quality solutions and services. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about preparing your company for ransomware attacks.

What are the important considerations when preparing your company for ransomware attacks?

Being prepared for ransomware attacks, so that these can be avoided and the risks mitigated, is essential for any company, of any size. To make sure your company is fully prepared, you should consider:

  • How well protected your company is from basic attacks?
  • What is your recovery plan? Has this been tested?
  • How well prepared are your staff?

Is your company protected from basic cyber attacks?

Ensuring that your company is well protected from the most basic of cyber attacks is essential if you want to protect your business from ransomware too. This is because basic cyber security, and training for your staff, can ensure that your systems and network are more challenging to penetrate. Often criminals will target companies and businesses with small attacks, which can open a door into your system to be exploited by ransomware at a later date. If this first initial attack is unsuccessful, or more challenging than usual, your business could avoid being hit by ransomware at all.

To keep your company protected from basic cyber attacks, you should consider:

  • Anti-virus and anti- malware protection
  • Digital safety training for staff
  • Full network security

What is your business recovery plan for ransomware attacks?

To ensure that your company is prepared for ransomware attacks, you need to plan for the worst case scenario. This would be cyber criminals gaining access to, and encrypting your data to make it inaccessible to you. Data recovery plans can help you get up and running again in minutes, so that business can continue while the ransomware attack is being investigated. In preparation for this, it pays to have your data stored securely online, in the cloud, or off site, somewhere completely unconnected.

Having a recovery plan won’t necessarily guarantee your success though. This plan will need to be tested regularly, and backup data policies will need to be implemented to ensure that your company is as prepared as possible.

How well prepared are your staff?

The final consideration to take into account when getting prepared for ransomware attacks is training for your staff. Staff training is a basic fundamental that is essential for keeping your company safe and protected. In terms of ransomware, your staff will need to be trained to:

  • Recognise phishing attempts and report these
  • Use safe practises online
  • Practice password safety and understand the importance of distinct and unique passwords

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