Dangers of keyloggers for businesses

here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Preston’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about malicious keloggers.

What is a keylogger?

A keylogger is a piece of hardware or software, that is used to record consecutive keystrokes entered on a device. This is sometimes used by companies or business to record the activities of their staff and employees, but it can also be a malicious piece of spyware that can threaten business security.

Keyloggers themselves are not illegal and as mentioned above are often used within businesses. This is because if the organization or person downloading and installing the keylogger actually owns the device, then it’s perfectly legal. It is when the keylogger is used on a different device, or network, maliciously, that the main problems arise.

What are the dangers of keyloggers for businesses?

As a type of malware, or more specifically spyware, malicious keylogging software can bring a number of risks and dangers to your business or company, large or small. These risks include:

  • Stolen passwords- because a keylogger records consecutive keystrokes it is very easy for passwords to be stolen by the keylogger and sent to a malicious actor who can use this to access your data and information, or to launch a larger cyber attack.
  • Hidden screenshots- using keylogger software, cyber criminals can take screenshots periodically without your awareness, allowing hackers access to sensitive information and details that can put your company, or your clients or customers at risk.
  • Stolen financial details- just as a keylogger can steal passwords, they can also learn important financial information such as credit card numbers, PIN codes, and bank account details which can all lead to significant problems for your company or business.

How can your company protect against malicious keyloggers?

There are a number of different steps your company can take to protect against malicious keylogging software. These steps include:

  • Staff training- like most other pieces of malware, a malicious keylogger is most likely to land on your device or network from an infected link that one of your employees has opened by mistake. This is often from a spam email with a document that has been infected with malware, but it can also be from social media, or even a text message on a mobile device. This is usually the result of a social engineering scam or a complex phishing attempt. As a result, training your staff to recognise spam emails, and developing an effective policy for reporting and dealing with spam emails can be the first line of defence for your company or business.
  • Installing business level anti-virus or anti-malware software- high quality anti-virus or anti-malware software will quickly identify and notify of any malicious keyloggers, or other malware that may have also been downloaded at the same time. This can help prevent any damage from being caused.

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