For many businesses, affording and maintaining technology is a real challenge. In addition to the initial capital investment and regular maintenance involved, you constantly have to purchase upgrades or replacement equipment as old hardware goes out of date.

At CNS, we have a better solution. We call this Technology as a Service, or 'TaaS', which provides you with all the technology and support your company needs for one fixed monthly fee.

TaaS Benefits

Increase Working Capital

Convert a Capital Equipment Expense to an Operating Expense increasing available working capital making it easier to budget.

Tax Relief

TaaS is extremely cost effective as you can offset 100% of the monthly payments against your tax liability to maximise tax efficiency. This is opposed to 25% when purchasing on a cash basis.

ALL Technologies

Take advantage of all technologies including servers, workstations, disaster recovery, cloud, virtualisation, software, licencing, telecoms and much more.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden fees such as installation costs, deposits or non-warranty repairs on key hardware.

Refresh every 3 years

Hardware Refreshes every 3 years ensuring that you keep up to date and your technology is never obsolete.

Single point of Contact

A Single Point of Contact for support - no more calling a “third party” for technical or hardware support. TaaS includes full, unlimited support and Proactive Network Monitoring to ensure your systems are maintained for maximum efficiency.

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