CNS IT Managed Services

With technology and the way we run our businesses changing at such a rapid pace we constantly sit and wonder why our competitors are using the same tired, old IT Support model. They are completely unaware of the NEW Support Model being offered by CNS but it’s businesses like yours who are affected the most. CNS have REVOLUTIONISED the way that IT Support is being delivered.

PROACTIVE NOT ReactiveIn 2012, 82.9% of problems were identified by our 24hr PROACTIVE Network Monitoring and resolved before the employee experienced the problem or even realised it existed.

Supporting ALL of your Technology In 2012, 38.1% of technical support requests involved liaising with other technology vendors and third party companies. Unlike our competitors who would profit from this work, this is always included in your fixed monthly fee.

Quickest Response Times in the Industry
In 2012, our average response time to technical support requests was 22.1 seconds. This is 652 times faster than the industry average.

Less Network Downtime
In 2012, our current clients' downtime was an average of 57 seconds per month. This is 126.3 times less than the industry average.

HUGE Cost Savings
In 2012 we reduced our current clients' IT costs by a staggering 78% in the first year. We have a very unique method of establishing Cost Savings and would be delighted to provide you with this information at no cost or obligation.

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