CNS Disaster Recovery

Imagine walking into your office tomorrow only to discover that a computer virus, hardware or system failure, software corruption, human error, or natural disaster had erased every file on your network. This is one of the biggest worries faced by business owners today 71% of Businesses that experience Major Data Loss go Out of Business within 6 months (National Archives & Records Administration)

Companies that aren't able to recover accounts and client information within ten days of a disaster have a 6% chance of survival (Strategic Research Institute)

21% of Businesses have experienced major data loss due to events beyond their control (Research by Computer Economics)

At this point we need not explain the benefits of backing up data. We often hear of companies closing due to data loss so let us instead explain the ways in which you can protect your company.

CNS Remote Vault is a Cloud backup service which provides you with a fully automated, fully encrypted backup solution and the reassurance that your critical company data is protected in the event of a disaster.

Being completely automated and maintained by CNS’s data professionals we safeguard data from all sorts of common natural, human and technical data loss risks. CNS Remote Vault is also far more secure, reliable, functional and cost effective than other backup options.

Here is why over 1000 companies backup using CNS Remote Vault:


CNS Remote Vault comprises of just two components; namely a local Backup Box and Remote Vault software. This is why this option is by far the most cost effective solution initially and ongoing. Due to the fact there is no need to purchase tapes or other removable media this will also help to reduce the cost on an ongoing basis.


Due to there being less hardware and software components and the fact that back-ups are completed automatically the CNS Remote Vault is far more reliable than other backup options. Also, with our 24hr PROACTIVE Network Monitoring solution looking over every backup, problems can be quickly resolved to ensure the system is always successful.


CNS Remote Vault is 100% automated. The remote software automatically completes both an onsite and offsite backup of critical data and is monitored through CNS’s 24hr PROACTIVE Network Monitoring solution where critical alerts and notifications are provided to our Microsoft Certified engineers every 5 minutes day and night.


Firstly, as data is being backed up offsite as well as onsite this will help to protect against natural disasters including fire, flood, etc. which can unexpectedly destroy all your data and ultimately interrupt your business.

Theft of servers or other essential equipment is also seen as a risk which is unlikely to be protected against.

CNS Remote Vault also stores 56 versions of your data, so if files are deleted by accident these can be recovered up to 56 days after deletion. This provides unique protection against disgruntled employees trying to maliciously delete data. As mentioned above, our extended file restore feature stores files for 30 days after you delete them from your backup view. Being fully automated, monitored and tested by CNS’s Helpdesk, data being copied offsite without the need to be removed physically and the threat of viruses and data corruption, are among several other reasons why the CNS Remote Vault is more secure than the other backup options currently available.

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