CNS Complementary Support

Whether you’re an IT Manager taking on all of the responsibility for IT within your company or you have a dedicated IT Support team, CNS critical blend of support services and support tools will undoubtedly add value to your business.

With a view to the future, CNS have made a substantial investment in tools similar to those used by well equipped Corporate IT Support departments. As you’re probably well aware it would be too expensive for you to invest in these systems yourself. The good news is that you don’t need to! We have made the investment for you and are able to provide a cost effective service by spreading the cost over a large number of devices and clients. So you get the service and protection just as if you had made the large investment yourself.

Your Employees

Employees enter requests online or simply send an email to your support email account, which automatically becomes an open request in the ticket system.

Co-Managed IT Service Desk

Your IT engineer receives the ticket request and determines if it will be serviced internally or escalated to our service desk.

Our Team

Our team services the ticket and you are automatically updated on the status through the ticket system.

Chaos to Control

When it comes to supporting your IT systems, having the essential support services and in-house tools is crucial to your success.

CNS enables you to organise your IT Department around one system, enabling your engineers to carry out all support and monitoring functions through one system as well as providing critical support and advice for more technical issues.

Silos of Chaos

When your business grows, the need for smooth business processes and seamless collaboration grows with it. It is no longer good enough to cobble together homegrown or single purpose systems to manage every aspect if your IT department however, this is the common scenario in many of the companies who manage IT themselves.

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